22 May 2020 in General, Life style, Mobile learning,

Caregivers are tasked with the essential duty of giving support and taking care of the patients. They help the patients understand and process their conditions and hence impact positively on their health and wellbeing.

Caregiving is a fluid process, within which caregiving techniques and information keeps changing. Just like the way these patients need love and care; caregivers also need training and ongoing consultations with social services personnel.

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Hot Trends That Make the Custom Learning Process Popular

5 May 2020 in General, Life style, Mobile learning,

Training and learning is a continuous process and an integral part of any organization. However, providing the right training for a specific learner’s needs is often a challenge. When learning needs arise and you are required to offer immediate and targeted training, then, custom learning techniques would be effective. Custom learning is based on the learner’s needs, and caters for the training with a specific learning objective in mind. Whether it is training managers, onboarding new employees, new product training, or sales skills training,

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Benefits of digital education in Africa

21 April 2020 in Education,

Penetration of digital platforms, coupled with the availability of affordable digital products has facilitated the rise of e-learning and mobile learning in Africa. Digital learning has been touted as a more effective way of teaching. This is why governments and institutions in Africa are drumming up support for digital education. The Kenyan and Rwandan governments, for example, have a “one laptop per child” initiative. The initiative provides laptops to primary pupils pre-installed with digital educational content (Kunle, 2016).

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The 80/20 Principle and Its Application in Employee Training

24 March 2020 in Education, General,

The 80/20 rule, also known as the principle of factor sparsity, the law of the vital few, or the Pareto principle, states that roughly 80% of the effects in many situations are a result of 20% of the causes. You can apply this rule in your personal life, and in many areas in your organization to improve time management, and increase the overall employee efficiency. But, how can you apply the rule to train your employees?

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Why Micro-Learning Works to Achieve Your Training Goals

9 March 2020 in Education, General, Life style,

Micro-learning is a training method that allows you to present lesson content in bite-sized pieces instead of long instruction sessions. Because of its universal accessibility and its ability to reach through to learners with small attention spans, micro-learning is one of the most effective trends in organizational training. Talking about his micro-learning training experience, Renee Smith, a Training Consultant at American Heart Association said, “Being able to actually demonstrate value is a big win-win for the employee and the organization.”

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The Future of Training: Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Training Platforms

28 February 2020 in Education, General,

A recent research shows that 75 percent of employees remember very little of what they were taught in the most recent compulsory training session. This may be because there wasn’t interaction between the learners and the trainer, or the learners were neither interested in the training content nor the trainer. Whatever the reason, it all boils down to the level of learner engagement. Engaged learners will always remember what they learn.

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How Mobile Learning Is Changing Education as We Know It

21 February 2020 in Education, Mobile learning,

Tablets and smartphones are radically transforming how we access and share knowledge by connecting us to near-infinite volumes of information. We enjoy the instant access to knowledge; from the informal music lessons on YouTube to the formal online university courses. While the majority of us are absorbed and excited about mobile learning, traditional schools are still struggling to leverage the opportunities in this area. Darell West affirms that

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The Reality Show Learning Technique

17 February 2020 in General, Life style, Mobile learning,

What is your main goal for your employees’ training and development program? If you want a continuously performing team, then you might consider introducing the reality show learning technique to train them. A reality show is a television show that features ordinary people rather than professionally trained actors. The participants are given some instructions on how to act off-screen, but they are supposed to act as normally as possible. Producers shoot hours of footage per episode and create a narrative thread using a creative editing tool.

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Do You Have Active Onboarding Procedure in Your Organization?

28 January 2020 in Education, Mobile learning,

Welcome aboard! Employee onboarding is a broad concept that may seem overwhelming. However, with the right information, you can create a highly effective onboarding process for your organization, and start reaping the benefits thereof. But, do you have an active onboarding procedure in your organization? Employee onboarding is the process of bringing in new employees into your company

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Can Blockchain Be Applied to Online Training?

24 January 2020 in General,

The blockchain technology is an ingenious creation, the brainchild of a mysterious entity known by the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto, who founded Bitcoin in January 2009. Since then, blockchain has evolved into what is today termed as the ‘new magic technology’ that fundamentally solves trust issues. But what is blockchain and what does it mean to online training? Don & Alex Tapscott, the authors of Blockchain Revolution define blockchain as “an incorruptible digital ledger of economic transactions that can be programmed to record not just financial transactions,

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Mystery Shopper – What It Is and How to Apply It to Your Training

20 January 2020 in Education, Training,

According to the business dictionary, a mystery shopper is a person hired by a manufacturer or a market research firm to visit certain retail stores or shops, and pretend to be a casual shopper, in order to gather information about the quality of the store’s sales staff, prices, and the store’s display. At times, organizations hire mystery shoppers to find out the pros and cons of different aspects of their businesses, and report their findings which are then analysed for ease of adaptation.

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On-The-Job Training: The Most Effective Employee Training Technique

17 December 2019 in Education, F&B, Hospitality,

Sooner or later, every supervisor or manager becomes a trainer. While some managers are good at training, others are poor. But, most of them fall somewhere in between. However, understanding the effectiveness of the on-the-job training is of utmost importance to you as a manager irrespective of where you fall.

On the job training involves an experienced employee or a manager imparting professional knowledge and skills to team members or new employees.

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Challenges of Big Organizations in Training Employees

11 December 2019 in General, Mobile learning,

In a large corporate environment, one thing you cannot ignore is integrating the best possible training and development program for your employees. After all, it is the scaffold that gives you a competitive edge in the market. However, it may not be easy to develop and maintain a successful training program. This is because of the constant changes in the learning style, technology and the diversity of the people you are training. Let’s take a look at the top training challenges of big organizations, and what you can do to overcome them.

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Ways to Use Video in Training

2 December 2019 in Mobile learning, Training,

There are a variety of ways to deliver content online, including video. Moreover, videos have become the most popular online media, and most companies are leveraging the power of video-based learning to train their workforce. A study done by MarketsandMarkets shows that there is a growth expectation of the global enterprise video market from 16.98 Billion USD in 2015 to 36.84 Billion USD in 2020. Given this trend, what are the different ways that video-based learning can be used in your organization to deliver an exemplary learning experience?

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Which Type of Training Fits Your Business?

25 November 2019 in Education, Mobile learning, Training,

It is easy to overlook employee training. However, after spending a fair amount of money on employee onboarding, you want to ensure you are maximizing that investment by giving them the right training that will keep them around and updated on the current trends relevant to their jobs. Jason Hesse, a business expert, affirms that a typical business pays a wage of about £21,800 to an entry-level employee.

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The Secret of Franchise Success

12 November 2019 in General, Leadership, Life style,

While franchising is considered the easiest way to expand and grow your business, the industry is very competitive. At first, more attention is paid to setting up the model, running the pilot, and lining up the first franchisee. While this flurry of activities is quite in order, one element you cannot afford to overlook is compiling a comprehensive training program for your franchisees.

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The Power of Storytelling in Building Your Organization

7 November 2019 in General, Training,

A recent study conducted by LILA, Harvard University, shows that sharing experiences through storytelling builds emotional connections, establishes trust, transfers tacit knowledge, cultivates norms, and enhances objective learning. Great organizations have been leveraging the power of storytelling for years. Follow their examples by tapping into this indispensable technique to engage and motivate your employees and customers.

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The Golden Circle model and How to Apply it to Your Organization

1 November 2019 in Education, Leadership, Training,

A customer testimonial goes, “After a day’s-long beehive of activities, I ran into an online store and ordered a Yoplait yoghurt delivery—I was a little nervous at first because I had never placed an order for a drink online—The delivery came through almost immediately! The gorgeous package (with an accompanying dietary leaflet) and the unique refreshing taste thrilled my senses. I developed an instant attachment to this brand. I will definitely be a chronic customer!”

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The Steps to Building an Online Training Program

22 October 2019 in Education, General,

If you are looking for ideas to refresh your online course, or you are considering to start an online training course for your employees, then, you are in the right place. While designing courses for an online audience has unique challenges, it also opens exciting opportunities to engage learners. So, you cannot ignore the online format that develops the knowledge and skills that your employees need. Here are the steps to building an effective online training course.

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The Importance of Mobile Learning in Retail Coffee Shops

16 October 2019 in F&B, Hospitality, Mobile learning,

While developing the right skill set for your workforce in your retail coffee shops may be a challenging task, closing your eyes on such a task can pose a growth threat because of the current market shifts. NPD Group, a market research firm, has predicted that “consumers will spend more time in their homes in 2018, so fundamental life products such as coffee/espresso makers will continue to be hot.”

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Emerging Mobile Learning Tools in the Medical Industry

8 October 2019 in General,

Imagine having limitless learning courses on your smartphone that enable you to develop your skills from anywhere. Cool, right?

With the boom of mobile devices, Mobile learning has offered efficient corporate training solutions, especially in the medical industry. Many organizations prefer mobile learning as it is cost-effective and efficient. Also, the employees are able to access latest information and trends in the ever-changing industry. It is a win-win situation for all.

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Benefits of Real-Time Corporate Communication

4 October 2019 in Life style, Mobile learning,

Dorie Clark, an assistant professor of business administration at Duke University, and author, states that , “Like many other soft skills, communication is undervalued in corporations because it’s difficult to measure.” While this may be true, you shouldn’t ignore having in place, a corporate communication strategy that works. Without fast and effective communication, you will be hard-pressed to build teamwork, provide training, and build employee engagement. The following are the top benefits of an effective corporate communication strategy.

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The Difference Between Mentoring and Coaching

29 September 2019 in Leadership, Training,

Both mentoring and coaching play a major role in an organization’s human resource development. All employees need support and supervision at various stages of their career, whether it’s about their efficiency, performance, or their effectiveness. However, the words “mentoring” and “coaching” are often used interchangeably, but they have different meanings. So, how do you make the distinction and choose the right one to develop your employees? Let’s have a closer look.

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The Benefits of Personalized Learning for Employee Training

16 September 2019 in General, Life style, Mobile learning,

In today’s challenging business world, you are probably seeking ways of enhancing your competitive edge while cutting down costs. Any initiative that can improve your employee productivity and operations is worthy of attention. Because we are all different in the way we talk, learn, and perceive the world around us, a “one size fits all” approach can’t be an effective way to train your employees for the purpose of improving productivity. Meaning, time has come to embrace personalization, especially in training.

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How to Measure the Engagement of Your Training

15 August 2019 in Education, General,

Training programs that can deliver substantial improvements on performance are in higher demand than ever before, especially in the business setting. Training centers are constantly updating their training content to meet the overwhelming learning preferences of the digital learner. So, as a trainer, making your training experience more engaging plays a key role if you want to have an impact on your learners. However, you should be able to evaluate the engagement of your training as part of your training initiative.

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High Employee Turnover: Causes and How Small Businesses Can Reduce It

20 January 2019 in Education, General,

If you want to keep your employees engaged for lifelong learning, you might want to consider investing in a learning management system (LMS). Apart from the capability to support an on-demand training, a learning management system will help you keep accurate records, have easier audits, and save money –according to a research done by eLearning Industry. However, while narrowing down the must-have features of the LMS, your online training budget is an important factor to consider.

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