Our team of instructional designers, storyboard creators, 
video editors’ animators, and designers will support 
your content development for your courses.

Research Work

An excellent course requires quality and detailed content to achieve the set course objectives. We create content for our courses by thorough and plagiarism free research. The material for our courses goes through quality check, plagiarism check and also has to get approval from subject matter experts.

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with minimum order of 30 pages.


per page

Lesson Plan

There cannot be a lesson without a lesson plan. A lesson plan outlines the learning objectives in the course, the lesson summary, and the materials that are to be used in that lesson. We develop lesson plans for all classes to give our clients a glimpse of what the course will entail.

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Storyboards are the blueprint of all e-learning and mobile learning courses. The storyboard is crucial as it conveys how the lesson will flow, the font and color scheme, the multimedia elements, and the interactive elements that will be used. Storyboards save a lot of time and money as it helps catch any error in time before the lesson goes to production.

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minimum order of 15 slides


per sllide

Case Studies for Topics

We use case studies to teach how the knowledge acquired can be used in real-life situations. We take case studies from relevant companies and organizations that align with our objectives. Through these case studies, the learner will be able to understand the content better and hence allow the application of acquired knowledge.

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per case study

Video Clips with Case Studies and Scenarios

We use video clips as a way to present these case studies. Showing case studies using videos makes it more interactive and improves the learner’s performance by providing visual stimulation.

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per clip and scenario
/ case study

Full E-learning Development

We do full e-learning development from creating content to publishing the e-course in a learning management system. We use the chronological process, which starts with content creation, to storyboarding, to the last process of publishing the course in the learning management system.
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Develop e learning course with us and have 25 users of your team access for half a year on ShareLook platform

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