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These videos are created by Sharelook with actors.

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“… We highly recommend ShareLook for their expertise in providing excellent custom mobile learning solutions.

Thank you for your commitment, competence, & also patience. In the most recent assignment, you did an excellent job in combining the visual, auditory & writing into the lessons.

Besides, the way you handled the challenges, such as the change of details, was quite encouraging. Despite the challenges, you still delivered on time & within the scope.

We look forward to continuing working with you…”

DHL Global
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Human Resources

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Training Management

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Logistics Management

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Culinary Art

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Sharelook changed everything

Sharelook changed everything. The trainer from the head office can reach the sellers directly through shareLook live broadcast; it looks like reality TV. My sellers are engaged and learn through a small bite of learning segments, as well. Sharelook helps my business grow.

Nicholas Loyd – Shops owner

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I use ShareLook in every store

So when I started using Sharelook and realized I could track and train my employees though an app? It changed everything. I now use ShareLook for all my employees in every store. I work with ShareLook’s instructional design partners to create the content I need and it’s developed and uploaded to the app in less than 72 hours.

Gilberto Kornmehl – Shops owner

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Human Resources

When we started using ShareLook we realized that we get the full support from A TO Z, first we have the app — a mobile learning solution delivering content to every one of our employees — then, we don’t need to deal with graphic design or any other production, we send our information and to ShareLook in 72 hours our content is designed and distributed to our global team. This is real WIN WIN.

Ashton Neas – Human Resources

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Developing, packaging and distributing content just got faster.

They develop content in minutes and distribute it instantly rather than waiting to find a vendor develop content for us. One more thing that bothered us was how to package this content nicely. But with Sharelook team, we have gotten a tremendous support in designing and packaging the content and can now deliver 5 to 10 lessons every day. Developing, packaging and distributing content just got faster.

James Navarro – Training Manager

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We can create content fast and easy

When I integrated our training with the ShareLook platform, now we can create content fast and easy and it has saved us thousands of dollars. ShareLook gives me the ability to deliver 5-10 lessons a day, saving and preserving corporate knowledge and developing specific skills.

Kathe Hollenbeck – HR Director

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I can broadcast from anywhere in the world

Because of the broadcast capabilities I can broadcast from anywhere in the world and participate with people in real-time. It feels like I started my own reality show with ShareLook live.

Mike Jones – Training Manager

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I now use ShareLook all my resources on pharmaceuticals.

I get a live seminars in my area of intrest, I can ask questions and get all the relevant results of new clinical trials in a short magazine style resource on the app.

Kevin Von – Doctor

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ShareLook allows me to broadcast special training

I use ShareLook to make sure every employee in every branch gets the same specialized training so that every drink made is consistent. ShareLook allows me to broadcast special training and store relevant content on the app.

Timothy Norris – Coffee Shop Owner

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ShareLook changes for my department

The primary thing ShareLook changes for my department is the ability to deliver information instantly to everyone in the organization. Now through ShareLook, the CEO can deliver his message to everyone immediately. In no time information travels from top to bottom.

Ashton Neas – Human Resources

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